Location/AreaMont’ Kiara
Services InvolvedAll Services
Owner Background/PersonalityEngineer
ThemeEarthy, Modern Contemporary


When it comes to an address like 28 Mont Kiara, you need something unique and extra special in your interior design to live up to the prestige of this address – be it wall panelling, partitions, wallpaper, and even cabinets. A design that speaks sophistication, yet is comfortable enough for your family to feel at home. In creating a living space for this prestigious Mont Kiara address, the team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor, leaders in interior design in Malaysia, went to the drawing board with a modern look in mind that would suit the area, the building and most importantly the taste of its occupants.

The services rendered for this project were across the board – the Three A’s Interior Design & Décor team began with concepts for the entire home – it was going to be earthy and contemporary! The layout of the space was rendered using 2D and 3D technology, the schematics for the lighting, water supply and furniture were created. The crew was managed during construction to ensure that the project would be delivered on time with the highest quality.

This 28 Mont Kiara home is a stunning example of style and functionality. The feature wall gives the home a focal point, bringing the living room’s interior design together for a flawless and seamless look. This project also highlighted a crucial element often missed by homeowners and even sometimes interior designers – the importance of lighting in any home. Expertly planned lighting in terms of placement, intensity and design brings life to any home. So, don’t overlook that when planning your next interior!

For this 28 Mont Kiara home, when the lighting was installed the home transformed itself into an amazing living space, and because we love what we do, the team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor put in a finishing touch in the form of matching day and night curtains. Now, that’s sophistication personified!



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