Condominium, The Park

Location/AreaBukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design, Detailed Drawings, Interior Rebuilds & Refurbishment
Owner Background/PersonalityBusiness Owner, Referral
ThemeStylish & Masculine

It is said that the style of a home reflects the nature and characteristics of the owners. Walk into any home and you will get a sense of who the owners are and what are their tastes. This is a critical factor for interior designers in creating concepts – to ensure the tastes of the owners are reflected positively. In the case of this condominium in The Park in Bukit Jalil, the owner was a single, successful businessman.

The design of the space therefore took on his very masculine tastes. This is a great opportunity for interior design to take on elements that are soft – like curtains, fabrics for the furniture and the colour of the walls – and infuse a masculine aesthetic into it. This creates the sense of comfort, yet reflects the nature of the owner.

The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor curated to the rooms in minute detail, to ensure that nothing was left untouched. Clean, simple lines were used to draw the eye to the height and width of the room, yet keep it approachable and lived-in.



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