Semi-D, Kinrara

Location/AreaKinrara, Puchong
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design, Detailed Drawings, Interior Rebuilds & Refurbishment
Owner Background/PersonalityReferral, Couple With Children

The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor worked on the interior design for a semi-detached house in Kinrara. This house in Puchong was spacious, airy and had some great views, that needed to be fully expressed in the layout and interior designs. The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor also included the taste and needs of the children to ensure they too had spaces that they enjoyed.

Interior design for the kitchen was unique in its shape and layout. The wet kitchen was well hidden by tall doors that opened into a serving area cum bar and then fed into a gorgeous dining area overlooking the garden. The interior design for the living room took into account that there were going to be children living in the house and therefore it needed to be child-proof as well as stylish. The lights played an important role in livening up the area, and were specially designed to add value to the living spaces. The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor created detailed electrical drawings so that the wiring is well hidden, yet functional for maintenance and safety checks.

The interior design of the children’s room carried their unique taste, yet corresponded to the overall theme of the home in terms of colours and use of fabrics and furniture. The interior design of this semi-D in Kinrara was created within budget and was managed by the team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor.



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