Semi-D, TTDI

Location/AreaTTDI, Kuala Lumpur
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design, Detailed Drawings, Interior Rebuilds & Refurbishment
Owner Background/PersonalityProfessional, Returning Clients
ThemeUnique, Modern

The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor takes great pride at returning clientele as it demonstrates the designer’s quality of work and expertise. Having worked on other homes for this homeowner, the team already knew the taste of the client even before everyone sat down for the initial consultation. For the Semi-D at TTDI, the brief from the client was for something different, that would make the home different from the other properties the team had worked on before. Requests such as these from clients are not uncommon, as homeowners are typically looking for something unusual and something fresh.

The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor managed to deliver on this request with ease. The client preferred a big airy kitchen, and therefore the kitchen interior design was planned with the best use of space in mind, making it bright and cheerful, and creating a great room for the family to gather and cook. A little island was created with high stools for easy food preparation, as well as space for the water purifier and rice cooker. The choice of furniture in the kitchen made the space feel light. The interior design of the living room was not just aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional.

The interior design of this semi-D in TTDI was created within budget and was managed by the team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor. The team also created the detailed drawings for the home and worked with a qualified contractor to ensure the home was refurbished according to plan.



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