Legal Firm, Solaris

Services InvolvedOffice Concept/ ID Management/Design to Build
Owner Background/PersonalityLawyer
ThemeLegal & Professional

Legal Firm, Solaris

Interior design for offices has a similar approach to residential spaces, with an added value – that of professionalism. The owners of this office in Solaris, Mont Kiara were determined to make their office functional but yet standout. This is necessary need of any office. An office does not just have to work for the employees, but incoming clientele as well.

The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor always have in mind that the office represents the company and therefore it is vital to have all the elements in place that will speak volumes of the credibility of the company. This was the case with the design of this legal practice in Solaris, Mont Kiara. There needed to be director rooms, meeting rooms, pantry, a board room and even a small lounge for the employees.

The services rendered for this project included the creation of the office theme, the customisation to suit the space and the different functions of the team, creating a professional working environment. Having handled the entire project within the cost and timeline meant that the company was able to be operational quickly, which was an added boost. The team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor were able to create an office interior design that was useful to the team and yet was able to impress incoming clients.

The design and refurbishment office at Solaris, Mont Kiara proved to a bonus to the owners, when the value of the property went up and they were eventually able to sell the unit for a profit. Truly, a job well done!


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