Taman Melawati KL

Location/AreaKuala Lumpur
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design
Owner Background/PersonalityReferral
ThemeAccessible, Minimalist

Great design does not have to be expensive. At Three A’s Interior Design & Décor, we can create beautiful spaces based on your budget and we are also happy to work with clients who are looking at one room at a time for an interior designer space. Drop by for a free consultation for the first meeting and we will be happy to get your home sorted!

For this home in Taman Melawati, the home owners wanted to redesign their kitchen and foyer. The kitchen space needed to be maximised to include a seating area for the family to have breakfast. The little nook added a homely, yet practical touch to the owners. The team also included small windows so that some of the foliage in the garden could be viewed from the kitchen. This added to the calming ambiance of the kitchen. The lighting was kept embedded so as to not eat up any of the precious space.

The foyer was designed to be welcoming to both inhabitants and guests alike. The shoe rack was hidden neatly behind closed doors, and with elevated cabinets, the sense of height of the room was increased. The client had beautiful rugs for the welcome foyer and creating the space for them allowed the home to have different looks for festivities!



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