Terrace, Valencia

Location/AreaSungai Buloh, Selangor
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design
Owner Background/PersonalityBusiness Owners

At Three A’s Interior Design & Décor, we just love creating interior design for children’s bedrooms. Kids are very versatile, love different things and are very vocal about the things they like. Combine that with the opinion of their parents and you’ll get a fun room that is also very practical. For this lovely house in Valencia, Sungai Buloh, the team created two rooms that fully demonstrated both these elements.

For the boys, they were into robots and dinosaurs, and so a room that gave them space to display their creations was apt. Plenty of wall space was created for the boys to put up their posters and displays that tickled their fancy! Ample space for their toys, clothes and other knick-knacks was created in a colour-coordinated wardrobe. For the daughter, she wanted a very girly room and so naturally, pink was her favourite colour! This was muted with white accents for the cabinet and well as the curtain wainscoting. These simple touches not only added a warm and welcoming feel for the little girl and her family, but also provided enough storage for books and her artwork.

Interior design of bedrooms can be both whimsical and functional, and consulting with an experienced interior design team allows these two elements to be balanced. There is no need for great designed to be compromised by function!



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