Semi-Detached houses, or more commonly Semi-D houses, are a great way to strike a perfect balance between being a part of a community and having your privacy. A semi-d house shares a common wall with a neighbouring house. In today’s world of apartment living, semi-d houses provide us with the comfort of living in a...
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There is no place like home. When we think about home, we think about the cosiest place on earth… a place where we can be ourselves. Making the proper use of available spaces, using the right kind of lighting, and utilising natural lighting to the fullest extent is of primary importance when designing the interiors...
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Ideas for interior designs in PJ homes
Homes are where stories are created, and you tell these stories through your home decor. To keep your story interesting, from time to time you need a new chapter – a new look for your home. However, thinking about home interiors and a new look can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t know where to...
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Have you ever heard the song Country Roads by Bob Dylan? It’s a song that literally makes you feel like going home when you hear the line “Country roads, take me home….to the place I belong?” Home means different things to different people. But undoubtedly it is the most comfortable place on earth for you! ...
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Planning to hire an expert for house interior design in Malaysia? We understand that hiring an expert for designing your house is not an easy task. When you spend your hard-earned money on creating your dream home, the least you expect is that the finished result meets your expectation.  But more often than not, it...
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latest interior design trend
Who doesn’t like to live in a cosy and comfortable space which feels like home not only for our family but for our friends too! On the other hand, working in a comfortable office, with trendy and professional work stations adept with just the right kind of lighting–not too bright, not too dull–also makes us...
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