Location/AreaAraville, Bangsar
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design, Detailed Drawings, Interior Rebuilds & Refurbishment
Owner Background/PersonalityRetired Expatriate, Referral
ThemeModern & Affordable

Sometimes, it takes just one room of your condominium to tie the whole home together. That was the case with the kitchen interior design in a condominium in Araville, Bangsar. The homeowners loved their space, but they knew their kitchen needed a little facelift. They, however, were adamant that their solid top kitchen counter stay put! It wasn’t easy designing a new kitchen with an old countertop, but the team at Three A’s Interior Design & Décor were up to the challenge.

First, the conceptualisation of the kitchen was created taking into account the needs of the family. Next, the team put together the colours and textures that would fit in perfectly with the solid top countertop. The layout, lighting and fixtures were designed and bought, creating a modern, contemporary kitchen that was beautiful, purposeful and more importantly, affordable.

In less than two months, the kitchen in Araville. Bangsar was the envy of the neighbourhood, standing out in style, grace and function.



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