Semi-D, Bandar Seri Coalfields

Location/AreaSungai Buloh, Selangor
Services InvolvedConcepts, Interior Design, Detailed Drawings, Interior Rebuilds & Refurbishment
Owner Background/PersonalityBusiness-owner, Retirement

The owners of this Semi-D in Sungai Buloh were heading towards retirement. As you prepare for this time in your life, what do you look for? As long time business-owners, the couple wanted a home that would support them in their senior years, yet look stylish and welcoming to guests. Their two children were also grown-up and would be moving out soon after college and therefore, the design of the bedrooms had to be versatile. The overall look and feel of the home was meant to be minimalist, with clean looks and simple lines.

The interior design for the kitchen was unique. The dry kitchen acted as a bar for both the coffee drinkers and the alcohol connoisseurs. The minimalist look was achieved with plenty of storage space behind cabinets that kept the unsightly messes away. Behind two panelled glass doors is the wet kitchen with ample electrical sockets for appliances, a kitchen island close to the fridge, as well as, once again, great cabinet space. The lines of the kitchen and the other rooms in the house followed a recurring theme of white simplicity.

The master bedroom is spacious and comfortable with the light switches accessible for an older couple, with the wardrobe large and low so that everything is within reach. The additional bedrooms were designed with the couple’s children in mind. The children were now in college and therefore their wants and tastes had changed. The interior design of bedrooms had to also take into account functionality – focus on the study area, shelving for books and in the choice of materials and fabrics.



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